Stratton Mattesons

Oregrown Team Rider Stratton Mattesons

Taking his nickname from the steep, conical stratovolcanos that form the high cascades, Stratton “Stratto” Matteson was born to be a mountain ripper. As a kid, Stratto learned the art of shred on the slopes of Bolton Valley in Vermont. As he fell more deeply in love with Winter and snow, he was drawn westward toward bigger, steeper and vaster mountain ranges, arriving in Bend just in time for one of the lightest winters on record in the Cascade Mountains. Undeterred, he rode every grey patch of glacier he could scope out among the fields of bare mountain rock. Booting South Sister came to be a favorite pastime, but soon he found an easier, more efficient way to ascend a mountain—by snowboarding uphill. Stratto rode his first splitboard in the Winter of 2015 and 3am wake up calls became the norm as he summited multiple Cascade peaks per week, documenting smooth turns and gorgeous backdrops in videos and photographs. At 19,  he is as hungry as ever to search out and explore the next smooth turn or that next weightless air time. Backcountry snowboarding and mountaineering is where he finds his purest form of enjoyment and that is where he will continue to expand his abilities and skills.