Pot shops hoping to lure holiday shoppers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Pot shops are hoping their cannabis makes its way under Christmas trees this holiday season.

Legal recreational marijuana sales in Oregon have been going on since October and already dispensaries are gearing their sales towards holiday shoppers.

At Oregrown in Bend, owner Aviv Hadar is creating sampler boxes, called flights, and gift wrapping them for customers.

"By showing a level of respect our product deserves, we're celebrating the fact that people like to smoke a joint at night rather than a glass of wine," Hadar said.

Hadar is a pioneer within legal marijuana; his shop boosts some of the highest sales in the state and he is obsessed with eliminating the stigma associated with marijuana.

"It's a game-changer," Hadar said. "It's something that hasn't been done."

The custom jars and boxes with holiday colors took three months of planning.

"The lead time on these custom boxes and custom jars is very intense, it's similar to fashion in that you need to think months out," Hadar said. "The reaction has been incredible from everywhere."

Hadar is a self-described "Steve Jobs freak" and was inspired by the clean packaging customers find when they open Apple products.

He hopes his marijuana flights "command respect from people who never thought they would respect cannabis."

Each of Oregrown's flights have half an eighth of a strain of marijuana in them. Customers can get a two or four sampler flight. A four sampler flight adds up to a quarter-ounce of cannabis, the maximum medical dispensaries are allowed to sell at once to recreational customers under Oregon Health Authority rules.

Just don't plan on walking out the door with the gift-wrapped sampler. OHA, which currently oversees the recreational marijuana market, requires that everything leaving dispensaries be in "child-resistant safety packaging."

Hadar's clean design on the flights falls within state guidelines which prohibit dispensaries from having packaging "in a manner (that is) attractive to minors." OHA adds "containers (cannot be) brightly colored, depict cartoons or images other than the logo of the facility."

For this holiday season, Oregrown's flights are just for marijuana flower. OHA prohibits any edibles or tinctures from being sold to non-medical patients. Next winter, Hadar anticipates making similar flights involving edibles.

Shipping the gift-wrapped boxes out of state is illegal.