OLCC proposes limiting marijuana grow sites to 10K square feet

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Proposed rules to limit the size of marijuana grow sites is getting mixed reviews from people within the industry.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is considering only allowing indoor marijuana growers to cultivate a 10,000 square foot space.

"The demand is only increasing," said Aviv Hadar, owner of Oregrown which had the state's biggest sales on its opening day. "We would love to see a 20,000 square foot indoor license."

Hadar says his sales have not slowed down. There are two tiers available -- 5,000 square feet and under, and those for up to 10,000 square feet. Hadar anticipates most growers will try to grow as much as they can.

"The demand is far great than most people can comprehend," he said.

Not everyone within the pot industry is against the restriction; putting a limit at how much one company can grow should allow smaller farms to remain competitive.

"[It] gives more people an opportunity to do this," said Troy Moore with Oregon's Finest. "(I don't want to see) the corporate monsters coming in and opening these 100,000 square foot grows."

These limits are just for indoor grows, where controlled conditions are known for creating a better and more consistent product.

There are separate limits for outdoor grows, which are primarily in southern Oregon.

The OLCC will also consider separating medical and recreational marijuana sales -- the proposed rules could be voted on as early as Thursday afternoon.