Mary's Medicinals. Powered by Oregrown.

Oregrown is extremely proud to unveil Mary's Medicinals innovative product line to the entire Oregon market. The incredible team at Mary's has spent years refining this product suite, and -- through an intense process of training -- the Oregrown team has learned how to create and develop these magical products right here in beautiful Bend, Oregon at the Oregrown Campus.

We specifically sought out Mary's Medicinals and asked them to partner with us. After first trying their products we knew we had to offer them to Oregon medical patients and recreational customers.

Mary's already has incredible success in Colorado, Washington and California, both in medical and recreational markets. Both companies feel that Oregon is a natural fit, and Oregrown is the best suited to bring these products to life. Our flagship product suite -- a line of highly effective transdermal patches -- targets the user's endocannabinoid system with a very unique delivery mechanism through the user's skin layer. The patches themselves offer a very quick onset and unsurpassed duration, are cut into 2 inch squares, easy to use, and can be applied to any part of the body for all day or all night relief.


Our Core Beliefs and Values while developing these products

  • Accurate Dosing

  • Convenient Use

  • Clinical-Grade Delivery 

  • Industry Leading Accountability

  • Patient First Mentality