Brandon Cocard

Brandon Cocard

Oregrown Team Rider Brandon Cocard

If you were to meet Brandon Cocard randomly on the street somewhere in Northern California, you could not possibly imagine what he is capable of. 

A soft spoken and multi dimensional human. Slays it in every aspect of snowboarding with his skate influenced approach to riding snow. Progressive freestyle in the backcountry, tail-wheelie straight-lining down AK spines and riding off the end of curved 68 stair rails... it’s a diverse chapter.

Oh yeah…and he’s an amazing musician too. Brandon sings and plays guitar in a band called Easy Giant. And despite their efforts to lay low they have been building a solid international following. Over the last five years of filming with Absinthe, Brandon has contributed generously not only to each films’ depth with his riding parts but has also added to the finer end of the Absinthe soundtrack legacy with original Easy Giant tracks in the last two Absinthe features and even a late night acoustic version of the Beastie Boys' Paul Revere that’s all there for the closing credits of Dopamnine.  And to further complete that tangent, Brandon has been a major influencing factor on Absinthe soundtracks over the years with a solid collection of eclectic artists ranging from Beck to the Beasties’ very own version of Intergalactic. 

On many levels, Brandon covers a lot of terrain.